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The house is a means to express their innermost soul . The warmth of home will make people feel love and be loved . Try to imagine if we leave home and go out of town or to a place for some time, is imagined by us is the warmth of home , comfort bed , makes us want to go home immediately . Therefore , mental elements or psychology of home design should be noted. The house and its owners have a strong emotional bond . The house is a shelter of man that is able to satisfy the physical and psychological needs , meet main health , mind and soul.

Changes in modern life too much to change the way human life including emotional bonding and soul of the home . More modern home designed to accommodate today’s lifestyle with the race to follow the progress of time , luxury , fashion , and technology . Though comfort , warmth , intimacy , and emotional bonds in accordance with the human personality is more important consideration for homes

By designing the house in accordance with the spirit , personality , and organize everything that pleases the owner who will make house capable of supporting the mental health of its inhabitants. This side we should emphasize the peaceful house , reflecting the behavior , ideals , as well as the purpose of life owners. In psychology of home design , the following are its aspects that influence.

Create A Personal Space


The first aspects of the psychology of home design is create a personal space, often without realizing it we sigh of relief when detached from jostling area or room full of people . This is partly due to the human need of distance as well as a private area that is free from interaction with other human beings . Sometimes we feel pressured or uncomfortable with the presence of other people in the room at certain times so alone . At this moment of personal space is needed.

A private room in the house will create a sense of peace and tranquility physical and human spirit in the house . Creating a personal space does not have to absolutely be hermetically sealed space and breadth is also varied , for example in the form of fairly small area in the corner of the room , or even open spaces such as the yard or porch. A corner can be a special layout as private reading room is quiet and comfortable. Room playing music or home theater is also quite ideal as a private space . Even the tiny porch located separately from the other areas can be private space for reading or relaxing while drinking tea very comfortable and relaxes inhabitants. Arrange a private room with furniture that promotes comfort and equipped with interior accessories that are informal and relaxed.

Nostalgic Objects

The second aspects of the psychology of home design is nostalgic objects, have you ever noticed why people flocked to a distant place to see beautiful ancient buildings and historic ? That’s because there is a strong desire to see past that brings peace of mind . Similarly, the past of each of us . Beautiful memories of the past is always sweet. Without realizing our hearts feel warm , comfortable , and has a new energy we look fot or objects that have memories of the past.

Obviously this does not mean that we are fixated on the past , but nostalgia makes people feel has its roots in his life . Arrange some of the objects that have sweet memories of the past in the spaces in your home . Eg photographs honeymoon , vacation with family , a pleasant childhood with parents . Better if the photos on display are photos that express the spontaneous and cheerful face . Other objects that can be used as a unique display , for example, a frame containing tiny clothes when you or your child is still a baby . Another creative idea can be applied , for example by framing your brand biscuits pleasure as a child , will be on display unique art deco style .

In addition to objects , smells that remind you of something you’ve visited the place will be able to evoke the soul . Burning sandalwood incense will remind memories when you holiday in Bali . Music that brings sweet memories can also be used.

Obviously this does not mean that will make our house into a museum , one or two memories are enough to give positive emotions interior of the house , and you can change them periodically so as to produce a creative interior structure.

Added And Reduction Occupants

The third aspects of the psychology of home design is added and reduction occupants,
family life is always dynamic and changing from time to time . Children who increased teenager wants his own territory that is more guard their privacy so they wanted a separate room with parents and even siblings. On the other hand , we will feel the house is so empty when our children left home to live in his own house

Things are not planned was sometimes the case, for example, one member of the family should be facing the Almighty , deep emotional pain will be felt in the home . At this moment , we should rearrange the interior of the house, both to accommodate the increase , as well as to improve our emotions for the loss . Repeat the procedures as needed or follow the desires of your soul and remove objects that cause grief.

Give The Name To The House And Your Room

The fourth aspects of the psychology of home design is named the home and your room, ancient houses are often given names, especially homes in western countries , including spaces in it . Usually the house and the space named according to the existing color , or create its own unique color.

And apparently named home and these spaces provide significant psychological effect . When we give a name for the house and space , we will feel a strong emotional relationship seemed to be home and the living room with us . Naming the home and the room is also very effective in improving mood and emotion , because each office will feel more special and meaningful . Family members will remember these names in a positive emotional bond .

Plants And Pets

The last aspect of the psychology of home design is plants and pets, their plants and pets at home will add to the atmosphere of home life . According to experts , gardening is one of the activities that nourish and make longevity . You can also grow vegetables which results can be used as a mixed salad or herbs, and fruit crops themselves are always proud to be presented.

The animal is more dynamic because they provide a response to what we do , they also express a sense of happy , sad , uncomfortable , or vice versa . Interactions between humans and their pets will be very good for mental health . House animals that are loose like cats and dogs , both to maintain. Of course, also with regard to their health so as not to disturb the occupants . The fish are kept in an aquarium can lower blood pressure . Observe the fish in the aquarium several times in a day is recommended for people who have high blood pressure.